Virtual Fitting

What is Virtual Fitting?

With Virtual Fitting our designer recommends the best frames for you based on pictures and styles preference you sent us. Hundreds of customers have sent us pictures and found this is the best option to finding the best frame. We keep you photos private and never share them.

Why We Do Virtual Fitting?

No face is the same and so are our frames. Each one of our glasses is designed to fit different Asian features, so to help you find the right glasses for you, we take the guessing game out of the equation and recomment the best frames from our collection for you exact profile.

Why We Don't Offer Online Try On?

Many eyewear companies offer online "Try On" options where you take a picture and they overlay an image of the frame on top of it. Unfortunately, the overlay really does not provide a true sense of the final size and fit since they don't have any dimensions and neither look at your face from different angles. This only sets you up to be dissapointed. At TC CHARTON we do things differently, we don't let a machine or software trick decide your next glasses, we personally analyze your features and find the frame(s) that will actually fit you best, and not just look like it was just pasted on your picture.

How long does it take?

We do our best to reply to your requests as soon as possible. Sometime Alexandra is traveling on business it can take 3 to 4 days to receive a recommendation.

What information do you need?

Please send us:

  • a frontal picture of your face
  • a side picture of your face
  • your height

Who to send this information?

Email them to

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