I love my TC Charton glasses! Eye and sunglass shopping has always been quite a frustrating ordeal for me. Like so many Asians, eyewear almost always sits on my cheeks creating inevitable indentations in my face. TC Charton is the only line in which all the glasses fit me perfectly. I always said that there needs to be an eyewear line specifically for the Asian market. I'm thrilled that there is one now.
Lisa Ling Image Lisa Ling, Journalist, Los Angeles, CA

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中新网3月31日电 据美国《星岛日报》报道,为何华人学生看书总是不时推眼镜,否则老往下滑?为何白人美女戴大墨镜好看,华人美女一戴上,鼻子就好像不见了?亚洲人脸型较为扁平,但市面上的眼镜,却清一色以欧裔脸型为标准设计,亚裔使用上不只美观不足,舒适度也低。

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Asian Fit Eyewear

Most of the eyewear products available are tailored for Caucasian features. As Asian facial characteristics are different than those of Caucasians, it’s no wonder Asians have scarce choices of eyewear products that fit them properly.

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